Hash Table

To someone coming of age in the 1960’s in San Francisco, “hash table” conjures many different images, none of which are digital.  Today, we recognize in the cliche of cliches, “There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand digital, and those who don’t.”  Well, actually it’s ‘binary,” but if you don’t understand digital, you will never understand binary when it is simply ‘1’s” and “0’s.”  However, if you think of binary as black cubes and white cubes, then welcome to my world.

Back in the day, having suffered from real or imagined autism, I devised a visual system for organizing information.  I believe my system should certainly be taught to the clinically autistic.  The system is religion neutral.

Yet, in the study of numbers, patterns emerged that were far too elegant to be random.  The religious scientists of the day made great use of numbers in their rituals.  Left to the students of the occult to decipher, it was apparent that there is an undertow that is entirely too ingrained in our American culture to ignore.  Why, for example, does 2 to the 24th, significant for the chant, “over 16 million colors,” equal 16 million, 777, thousand, 200 and 16.   Apple is actually fighting over the 4 x 4 matrix 16.  So, front and rear “16” is spoken for in the A v S game.

More disconcerting,  is the realization that Aleister Crowley, the bad boy occultist, caused to be published a book of 1973 origin entitled, “777 and other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley.” (Aleister Crowley also wrote, “Diary of a Drug Feind,” probably to deflect from being taken seriously).  The book details categories of 32, a key number to the bit programmer.  I’ll leave “777” to the mystics.

Since no-one is taking the “200,” I’ll claim that.  After all,  200 gets you the flip side of 100.   And, for now 100 in this game is what it’s all about.

So, working with card ranking, from 01 to 99 in whatever suits, the table of card rank to gameboard position represents the simplest of correlations as shown.  So long as you don’t duplicate numbers while ranking IP objects, a simple algorithm dictates placement of the ranked cards on the gameboard.

Card-Cell Hash Table


About sfreptile

SFreptile is a relatively transparent pseudonym for an overly educated and cynical inventor.
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