Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders form the passageway for Anonymous.  The whole point of the state of anonymous is that the conduits for passing information be simply conduits.  By design the conduits should leave no trace of the information passing through.  It was supposed to be in the design of the hardware.

It’s the difference between a public highway and a toll road.  One should be allowed to walk down that public highway with no identification whatsoever, without being tracked by anyone.  I walked from San Jose to L.A. once, didn’t need a license.  In California, we have mountain trails to remind us we can get out there where nobody can track us without our knowing about it if we want to.   A real sense of freedom.

Anonymous is not that teenage hacker breaking into the school computer to change his grades.  It is at the essence of the human mind.  Why BART would want to take on Anonymous is beyond my understanding.  It would be like grasping a smoke ring.  Anonymous can be anyone, any time.

Why BART officers have to carry guns in the first place is a mystery.  Just thinking about a gunfight in a BART train or tunnel with bullets ricocheting off curved walls is a nightmare.  Since the “third rail” is the real killer, go with stun guns only.  Leave the guns to the cops so BART officers can be like train conductors, or English Bobbies, but with electric stun guns.  Bring a regular gun to Electric Avenue and its a big step up in a crime.

Society’s crisis is whether we will be allowed to be anonymous.  To have private conversations.  To at least step back to the day of the pay phone.

It is awkward, because the structural system here proposed can indeed be the engine that correlates all the worlds information.  It is a structure only and must conceptually allow for Tor-like relays and exits with real people guardians to thwart unwarranted government intrusion.  Sometime the SF sophisticate must sit down with the Indiana farmer.  We are not all that different in what we want.

To the Apple v. Samsung game at hand, as you my recognize, the gameboard is being cluttered with even more Apple IP.  Even though this is probably the biggest lawsuit of the decade, the players are running into the patent case rules of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The Case Management Order states: “The Court will construe only 10 claim terms.  The parties shall identify the 10 claim terms pursuant to Patent Local Rule 4-3(c).”  That means for all of Apple’s utility patents, and Samsung’s utility patents, only 10 terms in probably hundreds of claims will be interpreted by the court in what is called a Markman hearing.  I love the number 10.  That’s digital, ten fingers, ten toes.

And, “The depositions of the inventors and prosecuting attorneys for Apple’s patents must be completed by November 1, 2011.”  That’s just two months.  Now that just shot up the California employment rate for attorneys and their support teams.  There are probably 100 to 200 inventors involved and probably 50 or more patent attorneys involved in the patents at issue.

Whose counting?



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SFreptile is a relatively transparent pseudonym for an overly educated and cynical inventor.
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