Never Say Never Sung CEO Choi

Burning Man blues sticking in the city with nothing but this bracing weather and my dog.  What a great life this is.  Summer arrives when the kids are shoved, kicking and screaming, back to school.  The suits are back from exotic places and the Apple v. Samsung case is certainly going to heat up.

Why in the world, Samsung CEO Choi Che Sung would say, as he apparently did , “Samsung would ‘never’ chase a rival OS” when confronted with the prospect of buying the Palm assets (if that’s what he said) is beyond me.  Never say never is the American game, whether it is in love or business.  It’s not just the webOS, it’s the 2000 patents silly!  Bite the bullet, buy the assets and hire the core team.  Bada is a bada idea, particularly if Samsung’s new partner is the Korean Government.

Scott Adams hit the nail on the head in his September 3, 20011 Dilbert cartoon.  The, “I think we can win this,” mentality of Samsung is either brilliant strategy to buy the Palm IP on the cheap, or delusional.  Sure, local bad boy Larry Ellison got his billion dollar judgment against SAP slapped down to a quarter of the original jury award, but hey, that’s still a chunk of change.  Juries in California favor inventive companies in California, and Apple is on a campaign.

It is beyond optimistic to think that by partnering with the Korean Government, Samsung will somehow evade the inevitable, the way it is playing the game.  The Korean Government?  Mmmmmm.  That should stir the hearts of the hackers and libertarians.  How about the China Government?

I’d love to post the Dilbert cartoon, but don’t want to cause copyright problems.  So, back to the rules of the game.

How does this system relate to the handhelds?  Well, getting back to androgynous Adam Kadman, the Tree of Life is constructed to relate to the physiology of a human as illustrated in the following comparative images.  Ideally, the tree of life node and link structure can fit conveniently in a 5 x 10 matrix.  Thus, the five icon across user interface (as in the Blackberry) is better for our purposes than the four icon across interface favored by Apple.

While it is kind of unclear what happens up at Adam’s head, the two upper nodes under the crown are apparently parts of the brain.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that medieval qabalists recognized that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and so forth.  This mixup, of course, gives us the opportunity to switch sides of the body to normal, that is, the right side wields the sword and is severe, and the left side wields the shield and is forgiving.  This makes better sense.  Anyway, from the perspective of organizing information according to its relationship to the human body, the skeletal metaphor works.

Now the tree of life in 50 cells can easily translate into the preferred 100 cell matrix by another simple “hash table.”  But since it is a one to one relationship up to the end, then no hash table is needed.  Essentially, the cells 1-48 relate directly to the cells 1-48 of the 100 cell structure, and the cells 49 and 50 of the 50 cell structure correspond to the cells 99 and 100 of the 100 cell structure (just to make things interesting).  The 5 x 10 aspect ratio of a mobile screen is a bit extended, but we can live with the standard and familiar 5 x 7 ratio and scroll, or not.


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